20 May 2005

My New Car!

My Mom & Dad just sent me photos of my [Price is Right voice] new car [/Price is Right voice]! Isn't it a beaut?? It's exactly what I wanted and I'm soooo iq option happy they were able to buy it for/with me. Yippee!!


For some reason, I just got photos with all the doors open. One of the photos looks like the Prius is trying to fly - that or pretending to be a Dorian. ;)

And check this out:


Just 57 miles on the car! About 50 of that is the drive from the dealer to my parents. Woo hoo!

Interesting German car tidbit: when Stefan and I went for the test drive last weekend, half the menu/display options in the car were English, half were Deutsch. The salesperson was explaining how the car worked to us and he iqoption says "Here's the ODO reading, blah blah blah" and Stefan had to stop him - what is ODO? THe odometer apparently doesn't have a name in German. I'm sure it does - in fact LEO lists a couple of translations here - but it's not word most Germans know. Stefan couldn't tell me what the name of it was in German. Odd, huh?

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19 May 2005

Podcast Goodies

I'm really getting into these podcasts. Today I found a SciFi podcast - The Dragon Page. Author interviews, links to sci-fi audio magazines, news, etc. Cool page!

Oh, there's a knitting podcast - KnitCast. Cool, huh? No crochet podcast found yet, but I'm still looking. :)

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Car - in progress

Testament to how great my Mom is: she drives to Orlando to deal with mean nasty car iqoptions dealers for me. After a dentist appointment. And deals with the mean nasty car dealer who won't accept our Power of Attorney. Something about Toyota doesn't accept them and if they did, then they would be liable for the car until the loan is paid off. Which seems to contradict, somewhat, what I found by Googling for this information.

Anyway, we worked it out, the car buying is in the process of being finished. Yea!

I'd like to formally thank my Mom, my Dad, and my youngest brother for indulging me and helping me buy my dream car. For putting up with the nasty car dealers, for holding off of dinner-time (important since my Dad's diabetic), and for just dealing with all the stress. Which isn't easy considering all Mom & Dad have been through in the last month.

This buys you three non-arguments over the wedding, Mom. ;) Love you!!!

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16 May 2005

I have the bestest Mama EVER!!

My mom found my car!! Not just one, but two!! Woo hoo! Unfortunately the dealer won't take a down payment over the phone, and the soonest Mom can get over there is Wednesday. BUT, I'm still working the money issue, so that's okay. And if it's meant to be, one of the cars will still be there on Wednesday.

This is sooo perfect. I was just contemplating settling for a different color and package and then switching later if the dealer got something better. However, I talked it over with Bill, and we agreed that I shouldn't settle. BAM, 5 min later, Mom is on the phone saying she found my car! {big shit eating grin} The dealer isn't doing a "market value adjustment", it's exactly what I want, AND Mom talked him down $300 on the price. Do I have a cool Mom, or what? ;) [Mom is just waiting to use this when we get into some disagreement for the wedding.]

So cross your fingers everybody. Here's hoping the car is still there on Wednesday. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MOM!

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14 May 2005

Car shopping: decision made!

It's decided. I'm buying a 2005 Toyota Prius. The test drive went great! The car is spacious, comfy, feels almost like a luxurious sedan, quite as can be when the motor & AC aren't runny, and just plain cool!

I'm going to do my utmost best to get a Seaside Pearl or Tideland Pearl in a Package 4 with an XM radio installed. I don't need GPS Navigation, Blue Tooth or a 6-CD changer, but I do want the Vehicle Traction Control and the Smart Key is a nice bonus. :)

I'm fairly confident I can get this car at MSRP in the time frame I'm looking. I called around to various dealers in Central Florida this afternoon and I think it's possible. I got clueless jack*ss's who had no idea what their inventory was or would be - one even seemed to try to talk me out of a more expensive package (!), a couple of nice guys who thought they could help me and would get back to me (they haven't yet), and one very nice lady who gave me all kinds of information. And then wanted to tack a $3K "Market Value Adjustment" to the sticker price. Well, okay, she could probably talk her boss down to $1,500. Um, do I look stupid to you?? Sure this car is in demand and there is a waiting time, but I'm not paying about market value lady. That's okay, I'm taking the info I learned from her and calling a dealer I talked to on Thursday. He seemed very much on the up and up and no market value adjustment fee. If he can come through with car, he deserves my business.

I'm soo excited!! This car is unbelievably cool. :)

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Car shopping update

It's funny, here in the land of the Red/Green Coalition where environmental anything goes, almost nobody has heard of the Toyota Prius. Okay, that's from the not-so-representative sample that my co-workers make up. Sure, they've heard of hybrid cars, but Prius? Nope. That's probably why the dealer said he has several of these cars on his lot available for a test drive. The States? You can't find one. They come in, they go out, and the dealer isn't interested in people coming by for test drives. In fact, Bill was told he couldn't do a test drive with out putting a down payment down for the car!

I'm taking a Prius out for a test drive today. Well, Stefan is taking it for a test drive since I technically can't drive over here - never bothered to figure out how to take the written test and go through the hassle of getting a German license. So I should know in a few hours if I really want this car.

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